From 1967 until 2010, Trinity Square, the multi-storey car park and shopping centre in Gateshead city centre dominated its skyline. Designed by Rodney Gordon for the Owen Luder partnership, it was a landmark of northern Brutalism. It was also used as a location for the 1971  film, Get Carter starring Michael Caine and directed by Mike Hodges, becoming famous (or notorious) for a scene where Caine's character throws one of his enemies over the side of the top storey.
With the rise of out of town shopping centres such as the Metro Centre and the redevelopment of Gateshead city centre making access difficult, the car park fell into disuse during the 80s and 90s and, despite a campaign to preserve it, it was scheduled for demolition in 2007. 
In 2008, the owners of the site opened to the public for a final tour, so my Dad and I went for one last look around. 
The car park was demolished in 2010.


From Level 11 - looking north towards Newcastle

View from the top. The High Level, Tyne and Millennium Bridges in the background.

Pay Here

No Parking

Coned Off - Not sure whether the owners were trying to stop anybody going over the side, but much of the concrete decking was considered unsafe by the time the building was condemned.


Restaurant - view of the restaurant from below.  (Yes, that's right, there was a restaurant.)

Glass walkway over the top parking deck leading to the restaurant.

 A mysterious concrete staircase leading to a hatch. What was up there? 

Looking west along the Tyne Valley, Cruddas Park flats on the horizon.

Level 13 - Newcastle skyline beyond.

No Parkii -

Newcastle skyline from Trinity Square. The redevelopment and expansion of St James' Park, home of Newcastle United, can be seen on the horizon.

Balcony view.

Walkways.  Pedestrian access to the car park from the surrounding shops was on elevated walkways. These were a big feature of town planning in the 60s and 70s. Some of Newcastle's still remain. 

'You're a big man, but you're out of shape...'  Trinity Square MSCP and Shopping Centre, Gateshead


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